This could just be the television event of the year. But there is really no pressure to pull in a huge crowd since this is a niche show and is only followed by a specific type of viewers. You either don’t follow Lost or you’re really really really into it, there’s no in between, if you’re in the middle, then you don’t get it at all. In an era where thinning audiences spell doom for a show, Lost has managed to be on air despite steadily losing audiences since the second season. But what has made ABC to keep ordering a show that has less finale viewers than the beginning? It is the ‘nicheness’ that I mentioned earlier. Lost fans (officially known as Losties) are deep into this show, you don’t want to be between two Losties who’ve just found each other. I’ve spent a great deal of time talking to people I just met talking about the show, and I’m not sure we’d be able to talk about anything else. It’s could be because the show’s possibilities are infinite. It’s not just a story. It’s a mind game that everybody tries to crack. To know just how Losties are passionate about the show, in the last days approaching the final season premiere the whole opening episode was leaked on the internet. With such a fanatical following, you’d except people to rush to watch the ep. But sites like YouTube recorded only a few hundred hits on the video. Most fans say they’d rather wait for actual showing and share in the collective experience of watching it together with everybody else than spoil it for themselves. So what would have initially seemed like a bad idea to show the premiere in Oahu where the show was shot, wasn’t so damaging. It is here where people with hidden cameras recorded the episode. And that is also where the obsession with the show was evident. People from everywhere flew to the Hawaiian island just to watch 44 minutes of a show in the open air on a beach. It doesn’t seem so crazy when you actually take time to watch the show and understand that this is more than just entertainment, its an experience that one day you’ll be proud to have been a part of. The questions that the show has raised over the last five years and will be answered (or not) in the next season will be pondered on and be subject to debate for years to come. The producers have insisted (just as dead is dead) the end means its over, no extensions, no movies. And as much we may miss it when its gone, its seems like the best thing to do. An extension may water down an already too perfect entity and spoil the legacy it is to leave. The end is a gift to the loyal fans who have kept with the show, who and endured questions how can you watch a show about an island that m***d? (no spoilers here), ones who sit trying to figure out what lies in the shadow of the statue, and who will watch anything with J.J. Abrams stamp on it. And maybe we should also thank ABC for having faith in a such a risky (the pilot was the most expensive ever) and probably the most alienating show in the show in the history of the art for keeping it on for its entire run despite the falling viewership (which I don’t get considering it’s the best rated ever). So the bittersweet journey begins and by the end we’ll know such simpletons as who Kate will end up with and more complex mysteries like who the hell the Man in Black is. Lost may never appear at ComicCon again (it will have ended by the next gathering) but I’m pretty sure the hordes of fans who go their to meet the people who make the show possible will find a place and way to do so, and by the end it’ll be evident just who is the boss of TV.

The cast and writers during the Sunset on the Beach Screening of the premiere episode in the weekend


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